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Mark Allan Goodson

Mark has an extremely diverse and well-rounded business background and has become an expert in Personal and Business Development. He has been an entrepreneur since he was able to talk, which gives well over 40 years of entrepreneurial activity.

During that time Mark has been a Personal and corporate development trainer, success coach/consultant and/or owner in a wide range of industries as varied as bar/restaurant, to leather stores, automated warehouse control and distribution, to medical offices, to chiropractic, to trucking, to manufacturing, to barter, to day trader.

Originally trained as a systems engineer in the Information Technology industry which allowed Mark to acquire an in-depth understanding of automated systems and personal interaction with those systems.

Somewhere in the above mix, He developed a passion for studying Human Behavior and became a devout student of Personal Development and the meta-physical arena of the sub-conscious mind. As a result of that passion, he became a certified clinical hypo-therapist and NLP practitioner which worked hand in hand with corporate/personal development training and his passion for direct response/ Permission based marketing through all the mediums, sales copy writing, sales, sales training, and human motivation.

During that same time period, He developed another passion for the creative acquisition of Real Estate and since 1978 has bought and sold in excess of 100 single family homes, and have owned numerous multi-family developments.

His specialty has become finding under-valued properties caused by financial distress and/or (mismanagement and deferred maintenance) and turning the numbers around.

Today his stronghold and business model is an educator, consultant, coach and mentor to individuals/entrepreneurs who wish to take their lives and/or business’s to the next level within the areas of Prosperity Consciousness, Wealth Mindset, Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation (Asset Protection and Estate Planning), Real Estate, Internet and Direct Marketing.

He speaks and trains on a regular basis to entrepreneurs across the country.

His philosophy in life is truly a goal everyone should set for their personal performance and that is: “If I can help enough other people reach their goals, then I will reach mine.”, and you accomplish this by always “Under Promising and Over Delivering”.

Mark is your in house  coach, specializing on the proper Mindset, Real Estate, Internet and Direct Marketing, not to mention Asset Protection and Estate Planning to protect your wealth from lawsuits, liens, and Levies.

Wealth Mindset

Mark has been a hypno-therapist since 1980 and has been an NLP practitioner for over 6 years,  and is currently pursuing certification as a Master trainer.

Mark is a firm believer in Personal development and change. He knows for a fact, that you can have all the skills and all the wealth building knowledge in the world and you will remain a pauper unless the psyche is free from false restricting believes that were gained through your environment growing up. If you think like a pauper, you will remain a pauper. If you think you can do something, you are right, and if you think you can’t do something you are also right.

Through his teachings and coaching you will be amazed at the changes that will occur in your personal thinking as you see your results sky-rocket.

He will teach you how to:

  • Reduce Stress and in the process become healthier.
  • How to think like a Successful person thinks.
  • The art of persuasion
  • If it is in the realm of possibility, you can do it too.
  • How dangerous improper self-talk can be.
  • The proper way to set goals so that you attain them.
  • How to think outside the box…. What box?
  • Universal laws of success and how to apply them to your everyday life.
  • How to replace behavioral patterns and beliefs in minutes.
  • How to achieve everything you ever wanted by smashing your internal false believe that you were not capable of achieving it.

Of course this is just a sample of what you will learn as you progress through his Personal development series, empowered leadership series, and self-mastery levels.

  • The most common quality over 90% of successful business people possess!
  • The timeless truths of business success no one’s told you before!
  • How he went from sleeping in his car to become one of the most respected, wealthiest business leaders in the world!
  • The Great Discovery that will allow you to make an INSTANT breakthrough in your wealth and personal success!
  • How to become a “living magnet”, attracting money, success and happiness like a ten ton magnet attracts a paper clip!
  • The difference between success and achievement, and why knowing this is so crucial to getting what you want and deserve out of life!
  • What really controls the success you do or don’t get, and how to make sure you use this to your advantage every day of your life!
  • The five minute exercise that if you do…will change your life around instantly! (It is so amazingly simple, you’re going to smack yourself upside the head for not having thought of it yourself!)

Real Estate

  • How to setup a marketing system that has people calling you begging you to help them out of their distressed situation.
  • How to train your apprentice’s to do the mundane daily effort while you spend your time working on only the best deals.
  • How to double and triple your money on each house.
  • How to make money on properties that have no equity.
  • How to do short sales and either flip the contract to another investor or close yourself with hard money for 40-60% on the dollar.
  • How to find properties before they go into Foreclosure and how to Cure the loan and pick up thousands of dollars in equity. Then Wholesale them for quick cash, or retail them for the big dollars.
  • How would you like homeowners paying you 2-5 months payments up front to take over their mortgage and then turn around and lease-option the property for thousands more in non-refundable option money all with no money out of pocket.
  • Pick up apartment complexes with very little money that has management and deferred maintenance problems. Fix the problems and cash in big time.
  • How to find luxury homes that need no repair, take control of them for 65-80 cents on a dollar and sell them within a month for 90 cents on a dollar… and cash in.
  • Hidden profit sources in Real Estate in todays market that most investors have never heard of. The timing is right for this strategy for the first time in over 25 years.

Asset Protection And
Corporate Lifestyle

Mark has been involved with Asset Protection and Corporate lifestyle since 1976 when he first structured his business affairs properly. He has since led seminars across the country and has helped many clients structure themselves to protect their assets from lawsuits, liens and levies, and to substantially reduce their overall tax situations. A few of the critical lessons you will learn

How to increase your spending power by 30-60% by living a corporate lifestyle

  • Corporate lifestyle vs. Personal lifestyle
  • How to think Like an entity rater than an individual
  • How to slash taxes by 40-75%
  • How to insulate your self from lawsuits
  • The power of building wealth in tax deferred entities
  • How to set up your own Financial Fortress
  • Why this knowledge is critical to your wealth building