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If you are running one or more Word press sites, I’d like to bring to your attention an easy way to reduce the amount of resources that Word press consumes.

By default, automatic task handling in is controlled by wp-cron.php. This script is used by to run scheduled tasks for your site.

Unfortunately, this file is set to be called on every page view, even when it isn’t needed, which in turn can cause higher than needed use of resources on the server.

defaults to this behavior because some hosts do not allow manual cron jobs to be created and the tasks have to be carried out by this script instead. Since can be installed on so many different hosts, the developers are trying to make sure it will run as expected whatever the environment.

Once a blog begins to add users and traffic increases, this can cause issues for your account because the script is called for every single page view.

Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to disable this default behavior and set up a proper cron job through cPanel for task management. This will be a much more efficient way to run the tasks needed for , and can even optimize your site.

To stop wp-cron.php from executing on each page view, simply add the following code to your wp-config.php file:
define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true);

Then you can create a cronjob via the cpanel interface to execute wp-cron.php on a regular schedule. You can find a video guide on this process under your cPanel Tutorials
The cronjob will look something like this:

/usr/bin/php -q /home/accountname/public_html/wp-cron.php

Remember to specify the full path to this file. If you’ve installed WordPress in a ‘wp’ subdirectory, then the command would look like this, where accountname would be the name of your cpanel account:

/usr/bin/php -q /home/accountname/public_html/wp/wp-cron.php

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To disable/enable the touchpad, click Start and then type Mouse in the Windows search box and press Enter. (alternatively you can Click Start > Control Panel > Hardware & Settings > Mouse)


  • Your Notebook may either have a Synaptics or ELAN Touchpad. Once you are in the Mouse Properties window, if you see a Device Settings tab, you have a Synaptics Touchpad. If you see an ELAN tab, you have an ELAN Touchpad. Scroll down to the correct Touchpad below and follow the directions to continue.
  • If you do not see a Device Settings or an ELAN tab, your Touchpad Driver is not installed. To install the Touchpad Driver, click here to go to the Download Center and select your model.


  1. Click on the Device Settings Tab.

  1. The Touchpad is automatically highlighted in the Devices: list. Click Disable.

Note: If the touchpad is disabled, follow steps 1 and 2 above and then click Enable to enable it.


  • Click on the ELAN tab.

The Touchpad is automatically highlighted in the Devices: list. Click Stop Device.

Note: If the Touchpad is disabled, follow steps 1 and 2 above and then click Enable Device to enable it.

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Google External Keyword Tool

Google External Keyword  Tool is Free  and it must be used correctly. The External Keyword tool can be a goldmine to a business owner if used correctly.  However,  if  Google External Keyword Tool is used incorrectly it can cause a business owner time and money chasing keywords that will produce very little return.

Proper Use of  Google External Keyword Tool Proper Usage

In the following article and video, I will give you some insight, into the proper use of the of this invaluable Keyword research tool for researching article titles that will rank at the top of the search engines relatively quickly.  Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of getting an article ranked.  Of course , you must do on-page optimization also. If you want to learn more, I have a ton of free SEO training on this site, and will have a free members area soon. I also suggest you try my free training at www.optimizedmarketingstrategies.com.

[imaioVideo v=1]

In my 16 years of working on the internet and performing SEO services for myself, students, and business owners, the biggest problem people have is doing keyword research properly..

The  Google Adwords External Keyword Tool was basically used by the majority of the public to develop keyword list’s lists for Google’s PPC Ad words advertising medium. This is where you bid on the paid advertising spots on the top and the right of Google search listings. In fact, if you notice, it now will automatically create ads and ad groups for you based on your chosen keywords from your results. I will cover this feature in another post.

I and many in the know,  SEO specialists or Search Engine marketing specialists,  have been using the Google External Keyword Tool to excel at ranking their own websites and those for their clients sites and internet real estate holdings.

What I will show you in this article is how I found the long tail keywords that I used in this article and how you would find your keywords for your articles to get them ranked fast.

Before We Use the Google External Keyword  Tool

First, we must find our basic keywords – I now use Google Instant – formally  known as Google instant Predictive search tool. Though it has a fancy name, you use it all the time without knowing.  When you type in a search term,  Google Suggest  provides search potential search term suggestions, instant extends this capability by guessing your query as you begin to type your keyword.

If you go to the Google search box at www.google.com and type g — you will see suggestions of Google, gmail, Google maps etc. it returns a combination of predictive results and your history of searches.

If I type “Google keyw”, i get Google keyword tool, Google keyword search tool, Google keyword ranking.

Lets add external too it and see what happens, if I type in external, keyword tool, keyword tool search, keyword tool Google Ad words comes up.

What we want to find is 2 or 3 combinations of phrases that we can research to find the strongest search volume with the lowest competition.  So far, we have Google keyword search tool, Google keyword Research tool, Google external keyword research tool, Ad words external keyword research, and Google external keyword research tool

Just by the above, I can pretty much guess, that Google external keyword research tool will be the choice. The reason it has layered keywords and combinations, that will satisfy many combinations of search, and allow me to qualify for more volume.

Lets analyze, Google External Keyword tool,  with the Research in the phrase.  You will realize why I am using the Research word outside of my phrase by the time you get to the bottom of the article (it is for on page seo )we have the following keywords that came up in the predictive search all strung together, so we have:

  • Googles External
  • Googles External keyword
  • Googles External keyword research
  • Googles External keyword research tool
  • Google keyword
  • Google keyword research
  • Google keyword research tool
  • Google research
  • Google research Tool
  • external keyword
  • external keyword research
  • external keyword research tool
  • keyword research
  • keyword research tool
  • keyword — is too general
  • research tool by itself — could be anything

So by using the one long tail keyword phrase, we can show up for all of these search terms — with one effort. There is magic in them dar words.

Never skip this next step. We must verify that there is search volume, and the competition is not so tough that we will stay buried on page 109.

 Google Keyword Research Tool  – Evaluate the Competition before using

Let’s evaluate the competition for our selected keyword phrase of “Google External Keyword  Tool”  with the word research between keyword and Tool.  You will see at the end of the article that because of results — we changed the keyword phrase to not include research – and so for SEO on-page reasons — I want to use the key phrase ” Google External Keyword Tool without the research because I want the correct keyword phrase in the article now.

I like to use a command called “intitle”, which tells us how many other websites has that same keyword phrase in the title of their site or article.

You do this by typing,  intitle:”Google External keyword Research Tool” with the quotes. Make sure you type this in the search box, not the URL box.



Google External Keyword Tool with Research  shows only 3,100 results

Now, if you take the quotes off — which returns sites that have any combination of the keywords


Google External Keyword Tool with research  shows only 21,700 results

My skill sets are more than likely far superior than yours, so I target anything under 300,000 up to a million but for most people, I suggest aiming for sites that have competition under 25,000 and 50,000 at the most.

The reason I can target higher is  because I have advanced knowledge in optimization techniques both on-page and off-page, and the resources to apply those techniques.

So this phrase is a piece of cake.

Time to use the Google External Keyword Research Tool to find the search volume

Lets go to the Google External Keyword ToolIf you have a Google account, I suggest you login to it. When you are logged in, you will get more results.

in the search phrase field – we type in “Google External Keyword Research Tool”  and hit enter.


The search returns a very low search volume of 110 globally.


 We find that search volume is too low to go after –  even though there may be search volume for the individual keywords — I still like to find higher volume for my main phrase..

So I browse the other keywords that were returned to see what the search volumes are.

By using common sense — I decide to try “Google External keyword tool” or “Google Adwords External Keyword Tool” — so we are going to try Google External Keyword tool


That is much better, not only does it have 22,200 search — and  it has low competition, and the Google Adwords external keyword tool keyword only has a volume of 5,400.

 So “Google External Keyword Tool” is the better choice.

But this is wrong and this is where most researchers go wrong.  We performed our search using  broad type. To get a more accurate number, we need to do a search using exact terms

All you have to do is change the Match Types in the left column. Simply un-click the Broad and click the [Exact] check boxes and you will see your numbers change drastically.


Now we will have a more accurate number of  8100 of global searches and 4,400 in the United States.




As you can see, that is a big difference. It is only 1/3rd of the broad matched search.

So we have a relative good volume with low competition…

Now we need to go back and do another intitle: “Google External Keyword TooL” to make sure we still have a relatively low competition of competing websites.



There we go — competing intitle sites at 8,100

Now we can write the article utilizing the following basic on-page optimization rules:

  • Your keyword needs to be in your title, as close to the front of the title as possible,.
  • Your keyword should start your first paragraph and your second perferably
  • You should have 2 or 3 key phrase sub-titles that are  h2 tagged
  • Your URL needs to include the keyword
  • Your title tag needs to have the keyword
  • Your meta description needs to be a sales ad – since this is what shows up in your Google listing and it should contain the keyword phrase as many times as possible while still making sense.
  • Your keyword phrase should be used roughly 3-4% of the time throughout the article, or like key phrases.  You should also have a couple of sub topic headlines with the keyword phrase in it.
  • Your key phrase “Google External Keyword Tool” should be in the last sentence of the article

That’s it in a nut shell – now go build some quality back links with the keyword as anchor text of “Google External Keyword Tool”;

To insure my Word Press articles are correctly SEO Optimized, I use a plug in called Keyword Winner which does keyword research – and analyzes the on page SEO and tells you what to change.    http://markgoodson.name/Recommends/Winning  or you can read my review on this blog titled: Keyword Winner SEO Plugin -Keyword Google Tool WP SEO Plugin Review

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin has added a key feature called “Keyword Winner Takes All”.  This feature allows you to add the suggested keywords directly to the post area so you can have search engine friendly keywords  within your blog content.  The Keyword Winner SEO Plugin, is certainly the Best Keyword Google tool available in a SEO Plugin.

Daniel Lew creator of the Keyword Winner SEO plugin has gone beyond the call of duty.

He has taken the SEO Plugin and totally revamped his SEO plugin. He added even more bells and whistles to the Keyword Winner SEO Plugin. That is just amazing because Keyword winner was already the best keyword Google tool for Word Press. Especially when it comes to researching fast ranking Google keywords.

In this version he has added  a new feature called the ‘Winner Takes All” feature.

Watch this video as he demonstrates the power of this SEO Plugin.  You will be convinced that you need it now. Let me remind you that when you buy it from this site, I am always available to help you.

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin Video


Check it out in action here:

The core features of Keyword Winner at this time enable you to,

  • Full control of Keyword Research
  • Check SEO Stats instantly
  • Competition, Insights & Search Trends and Back links Clear as Crystal
  • Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines & High Search Trends
  • Color Highlighted to Target Specific Search Terms
  • Add Tag Option
  • Meta Keyword Option
  • Page Competition, Page Rank & Position Rank Checker
  • Country Specific Search Option
  • Supports all Languages
  • “Winner Takes All” Feature (You can now add suggested keywords into your blog content to make your content SEO friendly)

If you are a blogger and use , The Keyword Winner SEO Plugin is a must have plugin. Especially if you intend to drive targeted quality traffic and get to the TOP of Google quickly.


Keyword Google Tool WP SEO Plugin Review

Keyword Winner SEO Plugin is
the Best Keyword Google Tool SEO Plugin Available


If you have not bought this plugin yet. Do it quickly while the single license is still only $47. That is a $30 discount off the original price.