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Before you read this post or check out the following link, I have to ask:

Have you seen the video for the Kajabi marketing waffleware that came out this week?  People are going nuts over it, and it still won’t be released for days and there is not even an optin.


It’s kind of crazy to make people wait so long for something they seem really
excited to get their hands on, LOL.

But the Kajabi guys at least have a little something to occupy your time after
watching their video and waiting for the doors to open.

How about a free 30 page report?


And not just some cheesy “how to market online” thing, either.  This is high
level mindset stuff.  Fatal Frustrations.  Fundamental Forces.  Pre-Flight

Big stuff.  The kind of stuff that can take a wanna-be to “been there done
that”… or just leave him at “has-been”.  Check it out, I think you’ll like it
a lot!


Check back here for more information as I post videos and more info about this phenomenal product.

Kajabi Funnel Screens
Kajabi Landing pages
Kajabi Landing pages

P.S. If you’re part of a mastermind group with your colleagues and peers in
marketing, this report has got some great topics to discuss.  Stuff that goes
beyond “traffic” or “conversion” conversations:


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