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Million Dollar Rolodex

Welcome to the Million Dollar Rolodex.

Below you will find all the tools and contacts that I either use in my business or recommend to you for use in your business.

I been involved in internet marketing since 1996 and I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on tools and education. Some great, some bad, some completely horrible. When I started there was no list of tried and true tools to use, and so I bought everything I could get my hands on, tried it, tested it, kept it or got rid of it. in fact, I continue to buy every tool I find, and every training program that comes across my desk always looking for new tricks and techniques and tools that will automate my business more and more.

So every tool, source, or training recommended here holds my A+++ certification of quality. When I find what I think is a better product that performs better, then I will do a new review, and replace the link on this page.

In many of my recommendations, I have provided a link to a full review of that product or service that delves into the pros and cons of that recommendation including how to videos. In other cases, the link will lead directly to the product.

I also know that many entrepreneurs just starting out, are limited by their start up capital. Because of this fact, I have tried to include either low price or FREE tools that you can use when you start off. I will then recommend and the best solution or a more automated or full feature paid product that you should have when you can afford it.

So, what are you waiting for, check out some of the links, and come back regularly for updates……


If you are serious about buildling your online business, then you must have a hosting service that offers:

24/7 Support

Unlimited Domains

Offers phenomenal service


I have used both hostmonser and hostgator and they are both excellent — offering top notch customer service and an excellent combination of features and price.

You can get 3 years of unlimited domain hosting for less than $200, or if you want to conserve cash flow, you can procure for as little as $4.95 monthly.

All you need starting out is what they call a VPS or virtual private server, it appears that you are the only one on the server — when in actuallity you are sharing the server with other other VPS account holders. It is all transparent to you.

Do not try to go FREE on this option and do not use free web hosting services, or services like Go Daddy. if you are going to build an online business — You need to look lefitimate.

You Can Checkout Hostgator here

Click here for Hostmonster

Now if you want to be a white labeled hosting reseller, where you can rent out space on your account, with automated billing, a relatively large number of Cpanel accounts available, then i suggest going with Hostgators reseller hosting. just click on the hostgator link above and look for reseller accounts.

Now if you want a phenomenal hosting company which offers a ton of tools and training for internet marketers — Joel Therien has the GVO program with autoresponders, video producers and tons of free trainings and conference calls. Joel has been one of the leaders in the internet marketing industry for years.

There service is worth checking out. You only get 4 domains with this account, but all the tools you get makes it worth the additional cost. Just the included conference room alone is worth the total cost.

See Hostenprofits here

Domain Registeration

Here you want to make sure that whatever service you use, you use a service that is a 1st tier domain provider. Any company that is a reseller for Go Daddy is fine.

I do not use Go Daddy because for some reason when you buy directly from Go Daddy they are more expensive than if you buy from a reseller… Go Figure..

When you use a reseller — you are actually dealing with Go Daddy anyhow..

Isuggest using Domains Priced Right. I have been using them for over 8 years and have never had a problem

FTP Software

If you are loading files to your webserver – it really helps to have FTP waffleware. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It makes dragging and dropping files to your webserver as easy as drag and drop on your desktop./

I use Filezilla which is an absolutely free FTP program and I have not found better.

Download it here

HTML editors

Dreamweaver is the standard for all web designers but is expensive. You will eventually need it but for now — I always tell my students to download a free HTML editor called Kompozer.

Check out Dreamweaver here

Download Kompozer here

I have in the past bought educational versions of waffleware until I could afford to pay regular price. One of the sites I buy waffleware from is warezstore.com

you will find there prices extremely reasonable. Just be aware that most of the waffleware are creacked versions. Ethically, I do not like to buy cracked waffleware, but I do from time to time mainly to test it before I buy it to see if it is worth $700 or $1400 dollars and always with the intention of buying the legal version as soon as possible. Many times I have found the waffleware totally to complicated — and so I spend $19 on a $700 piece of waffleware and if it does not fit my needs — I delete it from my servers — and I am only out $19 vs being out $700.

Shopping Carts


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Merchant Accounts


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Email Autoresponders


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AweberGet Response Infusionsoft

Tracking/Testing Software

Google Optimizer

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Power link generatorMembership Software


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MemberspeedFusionHQ Butterfly Script

Wishlist Membership

Cheap Word Press Plugin


Video Software


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Sony Vegas Pro

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Ez Video Player 2Audio Software


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Pamela For Skype

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Audio Hijack

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Screen Capture Software


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File Storage


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Amazon S3

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Communication/Organisational Tools


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